The Beverage

Club Mate is a tea-based sparkling soft drink infused with Yerba Mate extract, a plant native from the South American culture. Yerba Mate infusion is actually the national drink in several South American countries.

Club Mate is popular for its high natural caffeine and tannins content and it is an alternative to artificial and highly sweetened non-diet energy drinks.

Besides, Club-Mate is completely vegan, there are no animal-derived products and any used in its production.

Club Mate is typically served cold and can be mixed with any kind of alcohol.


Yerba mate has a long history of traditional medicinal uses since the time of the ancient Indians of Brazil and Paraguay.
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In 1924, a German brewer discovered the Yerba Mate tea plant and its health properties. He developed the first Club-Mate recipe and started distributing it amongst local farmers.

A few years later in 1998, Club Mate became a drink of choice among the german hacker-space community.

Since the 2000's, without any marketing or communication plan, Club-Mate became a symbol of Berlin's techno raves is now more and more known in other european and international cities.

A Tea Plant Native from
the Guarani Amerindian culture.

Club-Mate has a metaphysical relationship
with alternative music.


Club Mate has its own philosophy, which is all about thinking out of the box. With MATE FAMILY, we have set as a goal to give local artists as much visibility as we can through Soundcloud podcasts and events.

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